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Login/Logout Redirection Rules in Suremembers

SureMembers aids website owners in building membership sites and limiting non-members’ access to particular material. The capability of SureMembers to establish redirection rules, which enables you to lead users to certain pages based on specific criteria, is one of its essential advantages. In this article, we will explore how to set up and use redirection rules in SureMembers. Let’s get started!

What are redirection rules?

Redirection rules are a way of redirecting users to specific pages based on certain criteria. In the context of SureMembers, this means that you can use redirection rules to redirect users to specific pages based on whether or not they are members of your site.

For example, you may want to redirect non-members to a login page, while members are redirected to a members-only area of your site. Or you may want to redirect users who have not yet completed a registration form to that form, while users who have already registered are redirected to a welcome page.

Setting up redirection rules in SureMember

To set up redirection rules in SureMembers, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Installing and activating SureMembers on your WordPress site is the first step. If you need help with how to install the SureMembers plugin, here is an article that will guide you through it.

Step 2: Once you have installed and activated the SureMembers plugin on your website, click on SureMembers and click on the settings in the top right corner.

Sure Members Settings

Step 3: On the settings page, click on the Redirection Rules.

SureMembers Settings Redirection page

Step 4: You will find the options to enter the URL for the Login and Log Out redirection options. Please enter the URL that you would like to redirect the users to after they log in to the website at the Login Redirect option. Similarly, if you would like to redirect the users to a certain URL after they log out from your website, you can enter the URL at the Log Out Redirect option.


Finally, click on the save settings button to make the changes permanent. 

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