9 Best Video Monetization Platforms Compared in 2024

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect video monetization platform, guess what? You’re in exactly the right place at exactly the right time!

People are watching online videos like crazy – more than ever before and the trend just keeps on growing.

The revenue from videos streamed over the internet (OTT) hit a massive $154 billion in 2022. It is predicted to jump up by another $30 billion over the next six years.

Worldwide there are about 3.5 billion of us who love video content. So much so, we’re watching an average of 19 hours of video every week!

If you’re considering getting into video, there has never been a better time.

That’s why we created this post. To provide everything you need to know about video platforms that pay.

What’s in this post for you:

  • Learn about the best video monetization platforms
  • Discover what video monetization is and the various types
  • Check out the must-have qualities of the perfect video streaming platform

Let’s begin our journey with an inspiring story.

Molly Burke is a blind video streamer from Canada with around 2 million followers on YouTube.

molly burke a blind youtuber

She is a content creator, speaker, model, activist and lawyer who always wins hearts whether in a UN forum or on her video stream.

Molly uses multiple ways to reach out to millions of people, motivate them and monetize her videos to keep her journey going.

She is active on a number of streaming sites including:

  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Patreon
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Her own website

Molly is a big inspiration for everyone who wants their videos monetized.

If you want to inspire people while earning a living, let us help you find the best video platforms that pay.

What Is a Video Platform?

Video platforms are now a big part of our daily life. Whenever we use social media, we’re likely using a video platform in some form.

For instance, when you watch a YouTube video about making money from videos, or when you go live on Facebook during your vacation, you’re engaging with a video platform.

For regular users, a video platform is any online place where they can find videos to watch – even Netflix fits this category.

But for people who create video content, a video platform is like their home on the internet. It can be an app or a website where they upload their videos for everyone to see.

This could be a well-known platform like TikTok, where you can reach a huge audience. Or it might be a niche platform where you can host your videos and connect with your viewers in unique ways.

No matter which platform you choose, they all provide useful tools like analytics and opportunities to make money from video.

Benefits of Video Platforms

A video platform offers a multitude of benefits for individuals and businesses alike.

Here are some worth mentioning:

1. Engaging content delivery: Video platforms draw viewers in with dynamic visuals and compelling audio. Think of Khan Academy – they turn seemingly daunting subjects into captivating lessons, making learning a breeze.

2. Global accessibility: YouTube is the prime example where creators from every corner of the world can showcase their talents and connect with a diverse, worldwide audience.

3. Customization and branding: Let users personalize channels and experience. Take Netflix, for example, which customizes recommendations based on your viewing history, creating a unique user experience.

4. Business growth: Boost customer engagement and brand recognition. Red Bull’s YouTube channel isn’t just selling energy drinks, it’s building an emotional connection with its audience and turbocharging brand recognition.

5. Video monetization opportunities: Platforms offer various revenue streams including ads, sponsorships, and subscriptions. Platforms like Twitch and Patreon empower content creators to turn their passion into a profitable venture, offering financial independence.

6. Analytics and optimization: Data gold mines. Facebook Live, for example, gives businesses and creators real-time metrics, enabling them to fine-tune their strategies for maximum impact.

Video Monetization Platform Must Haves

When you choose a video streaming platform, you want it to have some key features:

  • Clear, flexible pricing structure: Look for a platform that adjusts pricing as your audience grows, rewarding you for growth and helping you scale effectively
  • Easy payout options: Ensure the platform makes it convenient to receive revenue from your videos, with frequent and accessible payouts through methods like PayPal
  • Supports multiple monetization strategies: Choose a platform that allows you to offer video monetization strategies to open up more earning opportunities
  • Advanced paywall function: Opt for a platform with advanced paywall functions with promo codes, price groups, and comprehensive payment settings, along with insights into payments
  • Multiple currency support: If you plan to reach a global audience, select a platform that can accept multiple currencies to avoid limiting viewership
  • Ability to translate into multiple languages: Consider a platform that supports content translation into various languages through subtitles to expand your audience and increase income potential
  • High customizability: If you prefer a specific customer experience, look for platforms that allow customization when required
  • Integrated security features: Prioritize security by choosing a platform with features like dynamic tokens, multi-factor authentication (MFAs), and secure payment channels to protect your content and revenue from fraud

The Best Video Monetization Platforms in 2024

Now that you know all about video monetization platforms, let’s check out some of the best options!

1. Monetize Videos on Your Own Website

astra theme vlogger template

Streaming videos on your own website comes with unmatched advantages you usually miss on other platforms.

When we say streaming we don’t mean hosting videos on your own shared server where you also place your website files.

That has disadvantages that far outweigh the benefits.

For example, WordPress allows uploading video files through its interface. That is fine if you want to host and display a pre-recorded video for personal use in a shared environment.

The most efficient way to avoid the challenges you may face hosting your own video is to use a streaming partner such as Vimeo Pro.

Then, embed videos anywhere on your website. A user would never know what is happening behind the scenes.

Creating a WordPress based membership site where you can stream videos is as simple as 1-2-3. You can literally set up a professionally designed website in less than five minutes.

Just follow these simple steps and you will have your awesome website ready before you finish your coffee.

  • Buy web hosting from a reputed service provider such as Hostinger
  • Use the built-in auto installer to set up a WordPress site
  • Use the best WordPress theme such as Astra. Then select a template
  • Install plugins for video streaming, automating processes and membership selling
  • Host your videos separately from your website but play them through it

We recommend using plugins such Presto Player, SureMembers, SureTriggers and SureCart – a killer combination for any website!


Here is the first year costing for a pro level WordPress site:


  • A WordPress site is fully customizable and beginner friendly
  • More fruitful when targeting a specific niche
  • Use any payment method for better monetization
  • Better control of valuable user data
  • Uninterrupted video watching experience – no ads, no suggested videos
  • Freedom to employ any tool you want


  • Hosting videos can consume a lot of bandwidth
  • Websites with limited storage can run out of space quickly
  • Different browsers support multiple video formats which is challenging to manage
  • Hassle to convert videos for multiple screen sizes

2. YouTube

youtube homepage

YouTube is one of the biggest video monetization platforms for viewers and creators alike.

You can upload pre-recorded videos or stream them live. The best part is, it’s completely free to watch and share content, which makes it so popular!

YouTube Studio allows you to do cool stuff like upload videos, check your channel stats, make playlists, and perform basic video editing.

The video monetization platform even helps you handle copyright issues for your video and audio files – a massive bonus!

YouTube is easy to use and supports video creators of all types and sizes.

As a video creator, you can monetize your videos on YouTube with:

  • Ad revenue: run ads through your videos
  • YouTube Premium: A paid membership program supported by fans
  • Selling merch: Sell different products to your audience
  • Crowdfunding: Get funded by the audience for your dream project
  • Donation: Similar to fan funding, you can also get donation for your cause
  • Licensing: if your video is thrilling and viral, you can license it to the media houses
  • Brand partnerships: Promote products and services of partner brands
  • Affiliate marketing: Similar to brand partnerships, you promote affiliate products and endorse them in your videos


  • It’s free! Creators can upload any number of videos. But you have to share 45% of revenue with YouTube.


  • YouTube is free, so you can start your video journey without spending a dime
  • Being a popular platform means your videos have a good chance of getting organic views
  • YouTube offers beginner-friendly tutorials, making it easy to get started
  • It’s an easy-to-navigate platform, so you won’t get lost in the process


  • You can’t make ad money until you hit certain growth milestones
  • YouTube has strict community guidelines
  • The competition is fierce with lots of new content being uploaded daily

3. Twitch

twitch an ideal video monetization platform

Twitch is famous for gaming streams, but it’s way more than that now. You can find cooking, coding, artsy stuff, music-making, ASMR – endless possibilities!

Twitch is pretty straightforward. The only way you can get noticed is to remain active and create content your audience loves.

Income from Twitch can vary, depending on viewers, subscribers, and streaming frequency.

While top channels make big bucks, most streamers earn well but not millions.

You need to become a Twitch affiliate or partner to be eligible to make money on the platform.

Here are the ways you can make money on Twitch:

  • Twitch bits: Virtual cash fans give to their favorite streamers. One bit is worth $0.01 for the streamer
  • Subscribers: Viewers can subscribe to your channel for a monthly fee. In return, they get cool perks like subscriber badges, custom emotes, and an ad-free experience.
  • Ads: Twitch ads are a big deal for earning money. The ads play during live streams, except for subscribers.
  • Donation: If you’re not an affiliate or partner yet, no worries. You can still accept donations by adding a PayPal button to your channel description.
  • Affiliate marketing: Twitch streamers can share links to products or services, and when someone buys through those links, they earn a commission.
  • Sponsorship: As your audience grows, it’s time for sponsorships. You don’t need millions of followers for this. If the brand fits your content and your viewers love it, it’s a win-win.
  • Merchandise: You can start your own merchandise line. Since Twitch is all about community, your fans will love feeling involved.
  • Tournament winnings: If you’ve become a pro at a video game, why not join a tournament? The big ones are for esports pros, but there are smaller ones that love having streamers participate.
  • Coaching: Once you’ve got that streaming experience, you can offer coaching sessions to help new streamers avoid the mistakes you’ve learned.


  • It’s free to use Twitch to stream or store your video content, but does take a 50% cut of your earnings.


  • Live stream your gaming
  • About much more than gaming
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Supports voice and video calls
  • Have fun with other creators by making friends


  • Streaming channels are hard to moderate
  • Content is exclusive to Twitch

4. Patreon

patreon homepage

Remember Molly? She publishes behind the scene content for Patrons who pay her through membership.

Patreon is ideal to earn recurring income by sharing with your audience what you are good at.

At Patreon, you make money directly from fans in a number of ways – monthly subscriptions, pre-creation campaigns, donations and selling merchandise.

Before you start seeing dollar signs, know that you’ll need to create content that draws a significant following of supporters to earn big with this business model.

Patreon uses TVOD, which means you sell your content and only pay based on the percentage of your earnings – no upfront costs.

You can get your payouts via direct deposit, PayPal and Payoneer.

As a content creator, here are the key steps to help you get a quick success:

  • Create an awesome Patreon page
  • Plan your content and create membership tier
  • Kick off your Patreon page launch with an awesome offer
  • Add a merch store to your page
  • Promote the page on social media
  • Build a solid Patreon community


  • Subscription fees range from 5% to 12% of your monthly income, depending on your plan level.
  • For standard payments over $3, processing rates are 2.9% + $0.30.
  • Payments under $3 get charged 5% + $0.10 in processing fees.


  • Patreon is a community of content hungry fans so you can create long term goals for yourself
  • All plan levels have payment processing integrations with other apps
  • It supports various content types, not just video
  • Fewer restrictions on content compared to other platforms


  • Costs grow as your content becomes more popular so keep that in mind
  • Not many payment methods available

5. Facebook

facebook videos

Facebook is another prominent video monetization platform. The social network has a massive user base of around 3 billion active monthly users. That means lots of potential viewers for your content!

Here is how you can earn money through Facebook videos:

In-stream ads

One popular method of Facebook video monetization is through in-stream ads. There are three types: pre-roll ads before your video starts, mid-roll ads during your video, and image ads displayed below your video.

To be eligible for in-stream ads, you need to have at least 10,000 page followers, videos that are at least one minute long, at least 600,000 minutes of view-time in the last 60 days, and at least 5 active videos.

Live streams

Live streaming is another great way to make money on Facebook. Instead of relying on advertisers, you can get paid directly by your followers.

Viewers can tip you with Facebook Stars, which are like a digital currency.

Viewers can buy Stars for $0.01 and send them to you during your live streams. Even if someone misses the live stream, they can still tip the recorded video if it had Stars enabled.

Facebook Reels

Facebook is also investing big in Facebook Reels, which are short-form videos like TikTok.

Content creators with over 10,000 followers and enough views are eligible to embed ads in their Reels.

You can also earn money through the Reels Play bonus program or by completing challenges.

So whether it’s in-stream ads, live streaming with Facebook Stars, or getting into the Facebook Reels action, there are plenty of ways to monetize your videos on this huge platform!


  • Adding videos on Facebook is free but there’s a percentage fee on earnings.


  • Facebook community is huge which makes your video get noticed easily
  • Advertisers prefer Facebook for ad campaigns for a number of marketing friendly features
  • The Facebook community is highly responsive. Your videos have more chances of going viral
  • The platform offers an in depth analytics to help you decide what works best


  • Facebook prefers you stay on the platform so cross platform sharing isn’t available
  • Strict video monetization policies keep some creators out of the race

6. Vimeo

vimeo ideo streaming

Vimeo is an awesome all-in-one video platform and ideal for publishers of any size with scalable earning plans to choose from.

You get everything you need for videos – hosting, encoding, management, and even OTT monetization.

With Vimeo, publishers can make money by selling content on a pay-per-view or subscription basis.

You can sell access to live streams, like sports events, art performances, or online classes. Or offer on-demand content through mobile or desktop apps.

Vimeo’s paywall is super flexible, supporting over 100 currencies, so publishers can accept payments from all around the globe. You can offer free trials and free-to-view content to attract new viewers too. There are even discount coupons and gift subscriptions available!

Now, Vimeo also supports AVOD-based monetization, but this option is for high-volume Enterprise users – they keep it a bit secret.


  • The Starter plan costs $0 per month and has a subscriber fee of $1 per month per subscriber. There is also a 10% transaction fee, and additional upload fees may apply. This plan offers a web-only OTT service, SVOD/TVOD capabilities, and more.
  • The Enterprise plan comes with custom pricing, and you get volume-based discounts. It includes everything from the Starter plan and adds some fantastic extras like branded apps, API/SDK support, AVOD, FVOD, dedicated account management, and more. It’s perfect for businesses looking for advanced features and personalized solutions.


  • Build your own websites easily
  • Excellent support for live and on-demand content
  • Multiple subscription tiers available
  • Features to attract and engage viewers
  • Works smoothly on all devices


  • AVOD only for Enterprise users
  • Live streaming needs higher plans
  • Monetization requires the OTT platform, and there are extra charges for each subscriber and transaction

7. Muvi

muvi video streaming

Muvi is a great all-in-one video monetization platform. You can sell your videos and even build apps to sell your content with it.

No matter what industry you’re in – VOD, live streaming, e-learning, or gaming – they’ve got you covered.

The cool thing about Muvi is that it comes fully loaded with all the features you need to monetize your videos.

It comes with its own custom domain, native apps for web and mobile platforms for popular systems, as well as developer tools to be able to customize your marketplace and make it unique to you.

Here’s one more thing that you may find useful – Muvi also offers support services!

That means if you are short on time or you own a small business, you can rely on them for help. This is an excellent way to get your video business up and running while making some additional cash without burning out.


  • You can kickstart your journey with a free trial. Plans start at $399 per month + $299 per app, plus some extra infrastructure fees.
  • If you’re aiming high, you can go all-in with the Enterprise level at around $3,900+ per month. You can save 10% by paying bi-yearly or a whopping 15% by paying annually.


  • Muvi is incredibly feature-rich
  • It offers add-on services based on your requirements
  • Highly customizable. It works seamlessly on all devices
  • Scalable – perfect for your growing business


  • Muvi can be a bit pricey, so it might not be the best fit for small businesses on a tight budget
  • They have fewer integrations compared to some other platforms

8. TargetVideo

target video: video monetization platform

TargetVideo (Formerly BridTV) is a video monetization and management platform for medium and large publishers. It has everything you need to make your video content shine and earn cash.

The platform has a lot of cool features like unlimited private hosting, live streaming, and detailed analytics – it’s like a complete video hub.

Their all-in-one service also includes high quality video production. If you want your videos produced by a team of experts, TargetVideo can help.

You’ll get a speedy HTML5 video player and audience engagement tools to keep viewers engaged.

TargetVideo offers a library of third-party video content too. That means you’ve got awesome videos to share, even if you’re starting from scratch.

When it comes to making money, TargetVideo is at the top of its game. Their video ads come in various formats, like instream and outstream.

Also, they’ve got these engaging ad units – like sticky ads – that stay on screen while your audience scrolls.

The platform uses programmatic technology and header bidding to deliver ads and make you money. If you want, their ad operations team can handle ads for you.

Their Premium Ad Marketplace hooks you up with premium ad demand from top partners like Amazon UAM and Google ADX – so you know you’re in good hands.


  • You can try TargetVideo for free for a month, and then their Starter Plan is just $49 a month.
  • There’s a Custom Plan if you need something more personalized to fit your budget and needs.


  • Powerful video management and monetization tools
  • Multiple ad units to level up your earnings
  • Efficient programmatic advertising
  • Access to premium ad demand from top-notch partners
  • White-label OTT apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV and more


  • TargetVideo doesn’t have built-in SVOD or TVOD, so if you need that, you might have to look elsewhere
  • The Starter Plan might not cover all your needs, but they’ve got that Custom Plan just for you

9. Brightcove

brightcove video monetization platform

There are many reasons why Brightcove is a powerful enterprise video platform.

They’ve got everything you need to be able to manage and distribute your videos like a pro. They offer hosting, live streaming, marketing tools of all kinds – you name it, and they have it.

When it comes to making money, Brightcove has your back. It supports all the major monetization models – AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD.

The service also has integrations with the top ad networks, so you can access high-quality advertising demand.

With AVOD, you can use all kinds of instream ads – pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. It’s a money-making machine!


  • Brightcove doesn’t show their pricing upfront, so you’ll have to reach out to customer support to get the deets.


  • Brightcove is ideal for big publishers
  • Smart video management and distribution features
  • You can choose from AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD to make money
  • Their instream ads are a great way to boost your earnings


  • Pricing are are not publicly available
  • They’re not super transparent about all the details of their services
  • For dedicated support, you might need to go for one of their higher-priced tiers

Types of Video Monetization

When it comes to making money from video content, there are several revenue models you can use.

Let us break them down for you:

1. SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand):

SVOD is simple – it’s like Netflix or Hulu. You pay a monthly fee and get unlimited access to loads of movies and TV shows.

2. AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand):

AVOD is the deal where you get to watch videos for free, but the catch is you’ll see ads while watching. Just like YouTube, free videos with occasional ads!

3. TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand):

TVOD is a bit different. Here, you pay once to watch a specific video. It’s like renting a movie online from iTunes or Amazon – a single payment for that particular video.

4. PVOD (Premium Video on Demand):

With PVOD, you pay extra for cool perks like early access to videos or better quality. HBO does this when they offer new movies before regular streaming.

5. Hybrid:

The hybrid model is like a mix of different worlds. It’s like having SVOD and AVOD together, where you pay a monthly fee, but still see ads while watching videos.

6. Catch-Up TV:

Catch-Up TV is a neat option! It lets you watch previously aired content for free. ABC and NBC use this model, so you can catch up on shows you missed without spending a dime.

So you’ve got lots of choices in the video monetization game!

Depending on your goals and content, you can pick the revenue model that suits you best.

From building a loyal subscriber base to earning from ads or offering premium content, there’s something for everyone!

Final Thoughts

Video content is all the rage so how will you monetize it?

You can build your own site, which comes with lots of other monetization options, or you can use any social platform.

With more and more people consuming video, there’s a massive opportunity for creators to rake in some serious money.

But wait a sec. Don’t just start tossing videos out there and expect to be rolling in cash.

Before you take the plunge, as a creator, you need to know what a good video streaming platform should bring to the table and which one is the best video monetization platform.

We hope we have answered both questions in this post!

What kind of video content do you create and how is monetizing going for you? We would love to hear from you in the comment section.

Disclosure: This blog may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may receive a small commission. Read disclosure. Rest assured that we only recommend products that we have personally used and believe will add value to our readers. Thanks for your support!

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