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Thank you for your interest in SureMembers! To make use of our brand resources in the best possible way, please take a moment to read these simple guidelines.

Our Belief

Running a membership website should be about managing your members, not the platform

We believe that running a membership website should be simple. You should be able to create, manage and grow your membership website using powerful tools that are simple to learn and a pleasure to use.

We’re all too busy to spend forever learning a new system or figure out where functions are in a new platform. That’s why we built SureMembers. We designed it to be intuitive, efficient and to include all the functionality you need to build and grow online communities.

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Our Mission

Dedicated to providing the tools you need to build your membership website your way

SureMembers gives you the power to create engaged communities. Build the type of membership website you desire, have as many members as possible. SureMembers makes it easy.

Our mission is to help you build your community. To provide tools you need to effectively engage with and grow your community. Whether you’re an individual, small or large business, SureMembers gives you the power to create membership websites that deliver!

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SureMembers Logo

Feel free to download the SureMembers logo and use it to promote SureMembers to your audience!

Monotone Logos

It’s not about how many hues you use. It’s about how you use them. When you want to go for a classy and dignified minimalist approach on backgrounds without contrast, monotone logos will do the trick.

SureMembers Icons

Here are some SureMembers icons (monogram logos) that can be downloaded and used to promote SureMembers.

Promotional Banners and Screenshots

Save time and effort with our banners and screenshots! Use them when mentioning, reviewing, discussing, or promoting SureMembers. Promote special offers with banners and enhance your reviews, promotions, and showcases with screenshots. Enjoy the convenience!


Please use these fonts to create a distinct appearance and emotionally compelling consistency. We find that Proxima Nova makes the copy legible, clear, and visually appealing in just the right way.

Headlines – Test Tiempos Headline

SureMembers Is The Smarter Way To Collect Live Website Feedback From Team & Clients.

Body – Proxima Nova Regular

SureMembers is feather-light and adds no weight to your client site or design. Clients need no formal training to use.


R: 67
G: 83
B: 254


R: 67
G: 80
B: 219


R: 255
G: 244
B: 254


R: 241
G: 252
B: 255

Color Pallete

Color palettes can make or break the relationship with your followers. Just copy these codes to make your assets stand out and elicit the emotional response that we’re all about.

Clear Space

Give the logo some room to breathe so that you can maintain the visual impact in every composition. Please keep the specified clear space when using the logo and the brand name.

Partner Directories

Show off your existing lineup to engage customers and recruit prospective partners. Communicate the user’s benefits, partner’s stories, and the program’s value. And don’t forget a clear, visible CTA button to make it easy for your visitors to sign up.

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