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SureMembers is the fastest and most user-friendly WordPress Membership Plugin to secure and manage content on your site.

Easy Content Paywalls

Drip Feed

Custom Access Rules

Secure Digital Downloads

Menu Item Visibility

Sell Online Courses

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SureMembers: A Versatile WordPress Membership Plugin for Every Business.

Whether you’re creating unique content, managing exclusive services, or offering premium products, SureMembers ensures secure and tailored content protection.


Create custom areas on your website for sensitive client documents. Our robust WordPress User Management Plugin streamlines your workflow and enhances your service offerings.


Elevate your blogging by implementing content upgrades and paywalls. You can seamlessly boost your revenue with SureMembers, your go-to WordPress Content Restriction Plugin.


Monetize your podcast by offering exclusive, members-only episodes. SureMembers makes it easy to manage subscriptions and access with our intuitive WordPress Subscription Plugin.


Craft a Patreon-like experience right on your WordPress site. Reward your dedicated followers with unique content and interactions through SureMembers’ comprehensive Membership Plugin

E-Commerce Gurus

Implement a subscription model similar to Amazon Prime for reliable revenue. Only possible with seamless integrations and membership using the SureMembers membership plugin.

Course Creators

Design and manage cohort-style programs to optimize student engagement and success. SureMembers provides the tools for creating exclusive educational content and learning communities.

How it Works

Experience the new modern way to build a membership website with WordPress.

Step 01

Create an Access Group

Begin by setting up an access group—a fundamental building block for member management. SureMembers makes it straightforward:

All your settings and options at one place
Easy access group user management
Unlimited access groups
SureMembers - Create an access group
Step 02

Select Content to Monetize

Choose the content you want to monetize with the simplest access system available. SureMembers provides powerful, user-friendly features:

Smart protection of any part on your website
All-access rules in one central place
Drip feed any content on your site
SureMembers - Choose content to sell access to
Step 03

Manage Unauthorized Access

Decide how to handle visitors who try to access restricted content. SureMembers offers flexible solutions to maintain a seamless user journey:

Login popup for your existing members
Redirect to your sales page
Show a custom message
SureMembers - Choose what to do if someone doesn't have access

SureMembers Works with Products You Love

SureMembers seamlessly integrates with the WordPress plugins and tools you trust. Boost your membership site’s functionality with our plugin, compatible with top WordPress solutions.

Features that are perfectly crafted

SureMembers offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to make your membership site both robust and user-friendly.

Drip Content

Schedule content releases to enhance engagement and drive steady traffic with SureMembers’ drip feed capabilities.

Access Rules

Control and secure your content effortlessly with flexible access rules, enhancing site management and security.


Monetize premium content on your website with customized calls to action using SureMembers’ effective paywall feature.

User Role Sync

Simplify user management with dynamic role synchronization, integrating seamlessly with popular page builders.

Menu Item Visibility

Adjust menu visibility based on user access with SureMembers, improving navigation and user experience.

Bulk Edit Users

Efficiently manage user groups with bulk editing options, streamlining membership updates and administration.

SureMembers +
SureTriggers = Magic

Combine the power of SureMembers with SureTriggers to unlock unprecedented efficiency and customization for your WordPress membership site. This powerful integration connects SureMembers seamlessly with the plugins and services essential to your business, creating a truly dynamic and responsive user experience.

SureMembers +  SureTriggers = Magic

Why people love SureMembers

Discover why our users consider SureMembers the new gold standard for WordPress membership plugins.

The new gold standard in membership plugins

I have used all the existing WordPress membership plugins and can confidently say that nothing comes close to how easy it is to setup SureMembers.

Jessie Trevino

Finally, a complete all-in-one solution

I was able to remove 5 different plugins because SureMembers has the same features all in one integrated solution.

Michael Johnson

Most powerful payment system I have seen

I love all the ways I can sell my memberships thanks to SureMembers. I especially love that my members can upgrade their membership right within my website.

Alyson Gould

It’s a developers dream

As a developer, I especially love the user role syncing because it lets me use my page builder and custom code snippets.

Brain Payne

Frequently asked questions

You have questions and we have answers.

SureMembers Resources: Enhance Your Membership Site Experience

Explore Expert Video Tutorials, Comprehensive Knowledge Base Articles, and Dedicated Support

Knowledge Base

Discover comprehensive documentation, troubleshooting tips, and how-to guides in our Knowledge Base. Enhance your site with best practices from the best membership plugin for WordPress, making website building faster and more efficient.

YouTube Tutorials

Explore our YouTube channel for in-depth video tutorials on setting up and maximizing your membership site. Learn everything from basic setup to advanced features with our WordPress membership site plugin.

World-Class Support

Rely on our expert support team, proficient in WordPress user management and membership strategies. Our friendly WordPress experts are dedicated to fostering long-term trust and providing top-tier assistance with our WordPress subscription plugin.

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